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About nRF2402™


The nRF2402 2.4 GHz RF transmitter complements the nRF2401A to offer designers and equipment vendors an extremely cost effective and simple way to build unidirectional wireless communications into their product or application. The nRF2402 includes all inductors and filters pre-integrated into a single chip. The only external components needed to make a complete RF system are a crystal and single resistor.

Current consumption is around 10mA in transmit mode @ -5dBm and 200 nA in power down mode. The total solution fits into a compact 4x4mm package. Prime applications include the transmitter-only parts of wireless game controllers, PC peripherals, wireless headsets, sports and leisure equipment, toys, RFID, remote control and interactive equipment.

All configuration of the nRF2402 transmitter is done via a standard serial interface and the nRF2402 can replace IR and typical 27 MHz wireless comms in most applications. Like its nRF2401A cousin, the nRF2402 also features Nordic Semiconductor’s ShockBurst™ technology that uses an onboard FIFO to buffer data and transmit in highly power efficient, short bursts.