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Mesh networking platform uses Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822 SoCs to target Internet of Things applications

Mesh networking platform uses Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822 SoCs to target Internet of Things applications

Developed by Finnish university spinoff, Wirepas, in conjunction with Nordic Semiconductor, the solution is said to offer a low total cost and marries a mesh networking protocol stack from Wirepas to Nordic's multiple award-winning nRF51822 SoC hardware

Ultra low power (ULP) RF specialist Nordic Semiconductor ASA (OSE: NOD) today announces that in conjunction with Finnish university spinoff (Technical University of Tampere), Wirepas, a low cost, fully developed ULP wireless mesh networking solution to target Internet of Things (IoT) applications is available now.


Called Wirepas Pino™, the solution marries a fully-automatic, self-optimizing, multi-hop mesh networking protocol stack developed by Wirepas to Nordic's nRF51822 Bluetooth Smart® (formerly known as Bluetooth low energy) and proprietary 2.4GHz System-on-Chip (SoC) hardware. The solution is said to support high node densities and a theoretically limitless network size (number of nodes) with a network topology that continuously self-optimizes to balance network data traffic between nodes and adapt to changes in their operating environment such as experiencing RF interference.


Mesh networking is regarded as a key enabling feature of the IoT. A mesh network is a type of network topology that instead of being constructed of nodes that communicate with a central hub (a so-called 'star' topology that sits at the heart of all traditional computer and wireless networks), it employs a hubless architecture that supports intelligent and distributed self-organization and communication between independent nodes.


This dramatically improves network reliability (if a node fails the network will automatically 'heal' by re-routing communications via other nodes around it), accessibility (any node can share its connection to the Internet or others devices so users only need to connect to a nearby node to access the network which can be done automatically and on-the-fly), and efficiency (mesh network nodes can automatically and continuously self-reconfigure to maintain optimal network performance).


Wirepas Pino supports all of these features using Nordic Semiconductor's class-leading ULP wireless technology and also features a full range of network and application layer security features to ensure only authorized devices can join a given mesh network.


"Pino is the most automatic, robust, and easy-to-use mesh network available," says Wirepas CEO, Teppo Hemiä, "and shifts the complexity of setting up and maintaining a network away from the end-user and into the network itself which makes it incredibly end-user-friendly."


Hemiä continues: "We selected the Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822 SoC platform as it stands out both technically and economically in the highly competitive 2.4GHz radio market. We have been pleased with the both Nordic's technical support and rich development platform which has helped us to bring our solution readily to market.”


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