Magnus Carlsen Sponsorship

For the next three years Nordic Semiconductor will cooperate with Magnus Carlsen, the leading chess player in the world, to achieve a common goal – to maintain and build on our leading position. There are many reasons why this is a perfect match.



Nordic Semiconductor kick-started the sponsorship by hosting a Heart Rate Monitoring Chess Tournament at the global consumer and electronics show (CES) in Las Vegas. Utilizing our ultra low power wireless connectivity solutions within heart rate monitoring, Nordic aims to add a new level of excitement to the chess sport.



It's not obvious that Nordic should be involved in sponsorships. Nordic does business with many of the largest corporations in the world, and though there are numerous consumer products with “Nordic inside”, the company is never directly involved with consumers.


In Magnus Carlsen however, the World`s number 1 chess player, Nordic has found the perfect match. Like Nordic, Magnus operates on a world arena, and competes only with the best. Top level chess has never been more competitive and tough, and it`s a game played by 600 million people in every country in the world.


Magnus has achieved the highest ever ranking points in chess history at an age of barely 22, and has done so by continuously performing at his best. There is no room for failure, or even the slightest mistakes, while the pressure to perform is relentless. His playing style is regarded as especially creative and inventive, and also by the ability to wear down the opposition by continuously looking for a winning position where others settle for a draw.


For us in Nordic it`s easy to spot all the similarities. Nordic Semiconductor are all about people, about recruiting, training and motivating the best human resources available. We live by the creativeness of these people, and of their ability to always deliver at a world class level. Mistakes and failure is not in the Nordic vocabulary.


Magnus Carlsen will act as a Nordic ambassador and door opener in the coming years. His position in the global society is one that is normally reserved for the royalties and the presidents. He will also act as an inspiration to all Nordic employees, who are working hard every day to make sure we keep our position as the world leader in our field.