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At Nordic Semiconductor, we are committed to provide excellent technical support to all our customers.

To strive toward that goal, we provide a support web that allows us to exchange information with you in a variety of ways.

Application Notes

Nordic Semiconductor provides free application notes and datasheets with detailed, application-specific information to help you make the most out of your design.


White Papers

Consult our white papers to learn how Nordic Semiconductor’s technology addresses the challenges and trends in the market.


Reference Designs

Nordic Semiconductor has created several reference designs to help you kick-start product development without having to reinvent the wheel.


Contact Support Team

If you have a query about our technology, chances are you will find a helpful response among the Frequently Asked Questions. If not, contact our Support Team through the Online Technical Support Center.


Development Tools

Nordic Semiconductor offers development tools to shorten your product devlopment cycles. You can directly compile from <programming language> code and achieve high performance levels.



Our FAQ page consists of answers and pointers to answers for the most frequently asked questions to our support team and in the Nordic Semiconductor users forum.

Some answers are in the form of pointers to the information on the web, rather than detailed responses. This FAQ is really a first point of reference for finding the information you need.

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