Bluetooth low energy, µBlue, nRF8001


Bluetooth low energy Connectivity IC


The nRF8001 is a highly integrated single-chip Bluetooth® low energy Connectivity IC. It integrates a fully compliant Bluetooth low energy v4.0 Radio, Link Layer, and Host stack and features a simple serial interface that supports a wide range of external application microcontrollers. With peak currents as low as 12.5mA and average currents down to 9μA (for a 1s connection interval), the nRF8001 enables battery lifetimes of months to years from a single coin cell. The nRF8001 is a fully qualified Bluetooth low energy v4.0 design and combines the Radio, Link Layer, and Host into a single EPL (End Product Listing) enabling designers to easily create new Bluetooth end products without additional listing fees.

The nRF8001 is specifically designed for Bluetooth low energy applications that operate in the Peripheral (Slave) role. Examples include: proximity tags, PUID watches, remote controls, and sports/fitness/healthcare sensors. The on-chip Link Layer and Host stack also include support for Peripheral GAP role, client, server and security functions.

In addition to best-in-class power consumption, the nRF8001 features an ADC for battery level monitoring, a low tolerance 32kHz RC oscillator that eliminates the need for an external 32kHz crystal, plus a 16MHz crystal oscillator supporting the use of low cost 16MHz crystals. The chip also integrates two voltage regulators, a linear voltage regulator providing a 1.9 to 3.6V supply range, and a DC/DC voltage regulator that when enabled can further cut current consumption by up to 20% when running from a 3V battery cell.

The nRF8001 is available in a 32-pin 5 x 5mm QFN package.


  • Fully qualified Bluetooth low energy v4.0 Connectivity IC with integrated Radio, Link Layer, and Host stack
  • Cost-optimized solution for Peripheral (Slave) role operation
  • Best-in-class power consumption enabling months to years of battery lifetime when running from standard CR2032 coin cells
  • On-chip DC/DC regulator enabling up to 20% peak current reduction for 3V cells
  • Fully integrated, low tolerance 32kHz RC oscillator eliminating the need for external 32kHz crystals
  • Simple serial interface (ACI) supporting a range of different external application microcontrollers


  • Mobile phone accessories
  • Proximity tags and watches
  • Sports, fitness, and healthcare sensors
  • PC peripherals
  • Consumer electronics (CE) remote controls
  • Home and industrial automation





Bluetooth low energy

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Fully qualified Bluetooth® Smart v4.0 Connectivity IC with integrated Radio, Link Layer, and Host stack supporting Peripheral (Slave) role operation.


Ultra low power consumption

(with DC/DC enabled and 3V supply voltage)

  • Down to 4μA for 4s connection interval
  • Down to 9μA for 1s connection interval
  • Down to 16μA for 500ms connection interval
  • Down to 30μA for 250ms connection interval
  • 500nA deep sleep mode
  • 2μA standby current (between connection events)
  • 11mA Active TX peak current at 0dBm output power
  • 12.5mA Active RX peak current


2.4GHz Radio

  • Fully Bluetooth Smart v4.0 compliant
  • 0, -6, -12, and -18dBm programmable TX output power
  • 1Mbs on-air data rate
  • -87dBm RX sensitivity at 1Mbps
  • Excellent co-existence performance
  • Compatible with 16MHz ±40ppm crystal



  • 16MHz XO
  • 32kHz XO (optional)
  • ±250ppm 32kHz RC


System Peripherals and I/O

  • Temperature sensor
  • UART for DTM

Embedded Bluetooth Smart stack

  • LL, L2CAP, GAP, SM, ATT and GATT mandatory features for peripheral role operation
  • 'Just Works' and ‘MITM’ security
  • GATT Client and GATT Server
  • Direct Test Mode
  • Fully qualified - EPL


Application Controller Interface (ACI)

  • 5-pin SPI slave based


Power Supply

  • 1.9 to 3.6V supply range using on-chip linear voltage regulator
  • 2.1 to 3.6V supply range using on-chip DC/DC regulator


Temperature range

  • -40 to +85 ºC


Package options

  • 32-pin 5 x 5mm QFN
Development Tools and Software


The Nordic nRF8001 is supported by the following development tools and software:



Product Brief description
nRFgo Starter Kit Common development platform for Nordic Semiconductor's wireless ICs
nRF8001 Development Kit nRFgo Development Kit for the Nordic nRF8001
nRF8001 SDK Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Nordic nRF8001
nRFgo Studio PC application for configuring and evaluating the Nordic nRF8000-Series
Reference Designs


nRF8001 is supported by the following reference designs

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nRFready µBlue Smart Remote Multi-touch 6-axix motion sensing Bluetooth® Smart RF remote control reference design
nRFready µBlue Desktop Reference design for Bluetooth Smart wireless mouse and keyboard

Product Specification

Code Name Version
nRF8001-PS nRF8001 Product Specification 1.3
PAN-025 nRF8001 Product Anomaly Notification 1.5
PCN-067 nRF8001 Product Change Notification 1.2
PCN-074 Product Change Notification 1_0
PCN-075 Product Change Notification 1_0
PCN-081 nRF8001 Product Change Notification 1.1
PCN-094 Change on outer box container for trays and 7” reels 1.0

Reference Layout

Code Name Version
nRF8001-DF nRF8001 Reference Layout Files 1.0

Application Notes

Code Name Version
nAN-25 nRF8001 and nRF8002 Interoperability with Apple iPhone 4S (iOS 5) 1.1
nAN-27 Measuring the dynamic current for nRF8001 1.0
nAN-34 Setting up production test using DTM 1.01
nAN400-08 QFN Soldering Reflow Guidelines 1.2

White Papers

Code Name Version
nWP-001 Benefits of Total Integration of Large RF Circuits
nWP-008 Quarterwave printed monopole antenna for 2.4GHz
nWP-010 Regulatory and Compliance Standards for RF Devices
nWP-015 Crystal Oscillator Design Considerations
nWP-017 Antenna tuning 1.0