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A personal letter from a Nordic`er

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My name is Carolina Fiorella Velezmoro Inche.
I am 27 and come from Spain but I was born in Peru.

I came to Trondheim in 2006 as a student and got a job very fast while I was still at the UniversityAs a student I found Trondheim the perfect place where one can combine study, fun and sport. There are many social events for everyone all year round.

I have worked as an R&D engineer in the wireless group at Nordic Semiconductor ASA since summer 2011. When I started to work at Nordic, I noticed very soon during probation time that my position met my expectations. I have interesting and challenging tasks where I can put in practice all I have learnt. I have the possibility to research new designs and turn ideas into a patent, and I have the opportunity to attend trainings and courses to help me to grow quickly.

Nordic is a great place to work because of the friendly and respectful environment. There is a good relationship with senior engineers and managers. Colleagues are competent people with different expertise and experience who you can learn from. They are available for discussions either at their desk or next to the coffee machine.

Moreover, Nordic offers job stability and security with benefits that can be enjoyed by all the employees.


Nordic Semiconductor ASA
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+47 72 89 89 00

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Nordic Ambassadors

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Anja Dekens
Senior R&D Engineer

Education: M. Sc. in Electronics Engineering and PhD

Can you describe your role (in broad terms)? 
I’m part of the design team that develops the internal digital power and clock management structure in our chips. In my opinion, that this is the most interesting part of the design. In addition to the design work, I’m responsible for maintaining and improving the design flow we are using in our department. 

What excites you about your work at Nordic?
Our products are used everywhere, in great numbers, all over the world, and I can do my part in it with my daily work. What more can you wish for as an engineer! 

Can you describe the working environment at Nordic?
At Nordic, we have a great working environment and even greater colleagues. It is an open atmosphere, and everybody can take initiative and bring ideas forward. It is also a very focused working environment, meaning that we really want to get things done.

Why should a job-seeker want to work at Nordic? 
The work is challenging and interesting. It is also very rewarding to know that the work we do daily will eventually end up in cool products. 

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Ketil Erichsen
R&D Engineer

Education: Masters in Electronic Systems and Instrumentation

Can you describe your role (in broad terms)? 
I work in the Application group, so my main role is to show our customers and the world how our technology can be used. This often means making a demo or reference design. I have worked with beacons, medical devices and toys among other things. I have also been mentoring students which is a different but rewarding type of work. 

Why did you choose to work at Nordic? 

As someone interested in technology how could I not want to work at a world-leading semiconductor company from my own small city? This was really a no-brainer for me. I was lucky to write my bachelor and masters projects in cooperation with Nordic and got to know the company and culture well before I started working here.

What excites you about your work at Nordic?
Working with the latest technology. Always learning something new. All the knowledgeable and helpful colleagues.  

In your position, what do you focus on most during a normal day?
During a normal day I focus on whatever project I am currently working on. It’s a mix of planning, discussions with colleagues, and firmware or software development.

Why should a job-seeker want to work at Nordic?
To get the possibility to work with the latest technology. To always be challenged. To work with and learn from like-minded people.

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Monika Lie Larsen
Senior Project Manager

Education: Sivilingeniør (M.Sc.), Computer Science

Can you describe your role (in broad terms)?
I work as a project manager in the SW department. My job is to follow up software/firmware development teams and make sure that deliveries in my projects are coordinated with hardware launches and other milestones. I do a lot of talking to people, making plans, changing plans, and talking about plans and risks related to plans.

What excites you about your work at Nordic?

It is an interesting work environment with a diverse work force and lots of smart people. You meet people every day that are really good at some special thing that only a few people in the world even know about. And from the software perspective, it is interesting to see how we can build products and tools that enable customers to utilize our chips. It is not all about embedded software and power-saving algorithms, but let’s say that coding standards receives more attention than color schemes at Nordic. And for someone who loves gadgets, it is a definite pro that the environment is so technology-driven.

What advice do you have for someone starting out in this field? 
Don’t be afraid to try new things. Find something you care about doing and keep doing it. 

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Martin Sivertsen
R&D Engineer

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering

Can you describe your role (in broad terms)?
I work in the Applications department at Nordic and spend a lot of my time in the Applications lab, where I assemble and do rework on prototype PCB’s. Occasionally I get tasked with making larger stand-alone prototypes/demos that involve 3D-modeling and printing as well as programming and soldering, which is challenging and a lot of fun.

What excites you about your work at Nordic? 
What excites me about my work at Nordic is learning new things every day, applying my knowledge and competence to solve difficult tasks, and being part of a team that work together toward a common goal.

Can you describe the working environment at Nordic? 
The working environment at Nordic is very inclusive and inspiring, where employees across departments and disciplines are happy to help each other out and share their knowledge. We also have a great group that arranges social activities outside of work.

Can you describe the opportunities available for someone working at Nordic? 
Nordic does everything from designing the internals of the integrated circuits we sell, to creating prototypes and reference designs, such as keyboards, mice, remote controllers, beacons, sensor-kits, and most everything between. When you start working at Nordic, you can work for extended periods in different departments to broaden your skills, or even transfer between departments if your interests change. There is also a career ladder which enables you to advance your career within the company, so Nordic can easily be a life-long workplace.