Cloud Development

Test, evaluate and verify from device to the cloud

Work in the Cloud

Test and evaluate remotely

Flexible connectivity for fast development

We offer a platform for development and testing of Bluetooth Low Energy applications in the cloud, using your favorite browser as the interface. The Bluetooth device can be your own hardware design, or any project you're building on a Nordic Development kit or the Nordic Thingy:52.

Your Bluetooth device connects to the internet via a gateway. From there, all the information it generates can be monitored anywhere you want. The gateway simply relays communication from the Bluetooth device to the cloud application.
It can be a mobile device running the nRFGateway App, or an IP router supporting Bluetooth Low Energy translation.

Your interface will be your favorite browser. This is where you do all your configuration and testing - in addition to possibly pushing buttons on the connected HW on your desk.

Nordic nRFCloud concept

nRF Connect for Cloud

Cloud-based Bluetooth low energy development software

nRF Connect for Cloud

Test, evaluate and verify from device to the cloud

nRF Connect for Cloud is designed to take the test and evaluation setup from the desktop and lab into the cloud. 
It supports a wide range of standard and Nordic proprietary services.

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