nRF5 SDK for IoT

IoT Software Development Kit for applications using IPv6 over Bluetooth Low Energy
The nRF5 SDK for IoT includes examples that configure the nRF52 Series device as a Bluetooth Low Energy 6LoWPAN node and that interface with the IP layers at transport level (UDP amd TCP) and with security (DTLS and TLS), to the application level CoAP and MQTT and LWM2M.

Online Documentation

Nordic Semiconductor’s Software Development Kits (SDK) are your starting point for software development on the nRF51 and nRF52 Series. It contains source code libraries and example applications covering wireless functions, libraries for all peripherals, bootloaders, Wired and OTA FW upgrades, RTOS examples, serialization libraries and more.


Enables engineers to do full evaluation, prototyping and development

3rd Party Development iDE

Rich and well tested software devlopment