nRF5 pynrfjprogDesktop Utility

Simple Python interface for the nrfjprog DLL.

The nRF5 pynrfjprog utility is a simple Python interface for the nrfjprog DLL. 
The utility works with Python v2.7.x and v3.4.x, or later.

The pynrfjprog package provides Python bindings for the nrfjprog DLL and is an excellent tool to use in a Python nRF5 application test environment. It gives you all the functionality needed for properly testing the functionality of the nRF SoCs as well as your own applications.


Modules and descriptions:

  • API - python bindings for the exported nrfjprog DLL functions
  • MultiAPI - Multiprocessing Python bindings for the exported nrfjprog DLL functions.
  • Hex -  Implements an Intel HEX file parser which allows HEX files to be parsed and easily programmed using the API module.
  • JLink - Implements functions for finding the latest SEGGER DLL.
  • examples - Provides some examples on how the package can be used for programming and debugging nRF5x series SoCs.
  • docs - Provides the header files of the family- and main-nrfjprogdll.h, as well as the DllCommonDefinitions.h.
  • win_32bit_dll - Provides the Windows nrfjprog 32-bit DLLs (.dll).
  • win_64bit_dll - Provides the Windows nrfjprog 64-bit DLLs (.dll).
  • linux_32bit_so - Provides the Linux nrfjprog 32-bit DLLs (.so).
  • linux_64bit_so - Provides the Linux nrfjprog 64-bit DLLs (.so).
  • Provides the Mac OS X nrfjprog DLLs (.dylib).

Key Features
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