COVID-19 Detect and Protect Challenge

Slowing the spread of coronavirus using low-cost, open source technology!

In some of the world’s most vulnerable areas, the impact of COVID-19 could be catastrophic. This extraordinary global situation demands a global response. As an answer, Nordic joined forces with the United Nations Development Programme and, together with the world’s brightest technology companies. 

Together, we reached out and called on hardware and software developers, product designers, scientists, hackers, makers, and innovators to come together to work for those who will be hardest hit by this pandemic.

  • Design replicable, low-cost tools and resources to aid viral detection

  • Flatten the curve in communities with preventive solutions

  • Reduce the disease's impact on the economies of these vulnerable are

The COVID-19 Detect and Protect Challenge was an opportunity to find and apply the best and brightest of humanity, wherever it could be found.

Now the contest is over, but you may click below to read about the great winners.