Advanced antenna manufacturer KYOCERA AVX joins Nordic Partner Program

Oslo, Norway
Kyocera AVX

The design and solution partnership provides customers end-to-end antenna and RF support from concept to production

Advanced electronic component and antenna solutions manufacturer KYOCERA AVX has joined Nordic Semiconductor’s expanding Nordic Partner Program as a design and solution partner. KYOCERA AVX provides active and passive antenna solutions for industrial IoT, consumer electronics, automotive, and medical applications, and has prototyping and testing facilities worldwide to support customers during the design and development phases of their products.

The addition of KYOCERA AVX to the Partner Program will provide Nordic customers with full access to the company’s antenna designs that are compatible with Nordic’s wireless IoT solutions, as well as the company’s state-of-the-art global design centers that can provide support to developers from the concept phase to mass production, including validation and pre-certification testing. Not only do OEMs have access to KYOCERA AVX’s standard antennas, tools, reference designs and test services, they can also benefit from the RF engineering expertise of one of the world’s largest antenna manufacturers to design and manufacture custom designs if required.

Faster go-to-market

“Even following proven development techniques, implementing embedded antennas in IoT designs can be demanding, in particular for cellular applications, and often it comes down to repeatedly testing a design’s performance and then refining the layout to maximize efficiency,” says Lorenzo Amicucci, Business Development Manager, Nordic Semiconductor. “The addition of KYOCERA AVX to the Nordic Partner Program means customers can now access specific application notes for Nordic cellular products and can contact antenna experts at the beginning of their project. As a result, they will benefit from a smoother design cycle and a faster go-to-market.”

Our team is ready to provide support for projects of any scale, using high-quality components to ensure top performance
Carmen Redondo, KYOCERA AVX

Now in its third year, the Nordic Partner Program was developed to assist Nordic customers by providing products, services, and solutions that complement Nordic’s portfolio of short range wireless and low power cellular IoT connectivity hardware, firmware, development tools, and reference designs. With more than 40 design and solution partners now members of the program, Nordic customers have unprecedented access to industry-wide expertise across numerous wireless technology disciplines. Partners have broad experience of Nordic technologies and can offer turnkey services able to help get products wirelessly connected and bring them to high volume manufacturing.

“Joining the Nordic Partner Program is a natural step as KYOCERA AVX has already been working with Nordic’s customers for a number of years, optimizing the connectivity performance of their devices,” says Carmen Redondo, Director, Global Marketing Antennas, KYOCERA AVX.

RF and antenna expertise

“We are thrilled to continue supporting Nordic’s customers with our expertise in RF and antennas. Our online resources, including datasheets for existing reference designs, help customers accelerate their go-to-market projects. Whether it is standard or customized solutions, component or vertical integrations, our team is ready to provide support for projects of any scale, using high-quality components to ensure top performance.”

KYOCERA AVX provided RF and antenna development support to IoT technology company, Digital Matter, during development of its ‘Oyster 3’ asset tracking and management solution using Nordic’s nRF9160 SiP and nRF9160 DK. The collaboration ensured optimum wireless performance for the customer.

“Predictable antenna performance is top of the list when it comes to designing and manufacturing a quality product,” says Adrian Pickles, Hardware Director, Digital Matter. “Partnering with KYOCERA AVX and Nordic, and working alongside their RF engineers, allows us to continually improve RF performance on new products, from prototyping right through to mass production.

“KYOCERA AVX’s portfolio of LTE / NB-IoT and GPS antennas cater to varying product size and shape, allowing for best RF performance”.