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Nordic Semiconductor confirms design partners for International CES demos and invites visitors to witness how World Chess Champion keeps calm while playing

Thalmic Labs - Myo

The Myo wearable armband - that fits over the user's forearm and lets them control a computer by reading electrical signals produced in the muscles of the user's arm - is among the demos on Nordic's CES booth

Nordic’s demos of Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ technology at 2014 International CES include iBeacons, high-end toys, health & fitness sensors, and armband-based RF remote control. And in a fun demo, World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen’s heart rate will be monitored using MIO and NPE WASP technology as he takes on 20 opponents simultaneously

Ultra low power (ULP) RF specialist Nordic Semiconductor ASA (OSE: NOD) today confirms details of exhibits, demonstrations, and partner companies that it will be hosting on its booth (MP25277 in South Hall 2, Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center) at International CES 2014. CES is the world’s leading consumer electronics exhibition and is organized by the U.S.-based Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). The event will be held in Las Vegas, NV, from January 7 to 10, 2014.


Companies from North America, Europe, and Asia which are using Nordic’s nRF51 Series Bluetooth® low energy and ANT+™ solutions in a number of innovative “appcessories” will demonstrate and talk about their products on the booth. Appcessories combine a compact, portable accessory equipped with Bluetooth low energy (marketed to consumers as Bluetooth Smart) or ANT+ wireless connectivity with a software “app” supported by a Bluetooth v4.0 (Bluetooth Smart Ready)- or ANT+-equipped mobile device. (See “About Bluetooth low energy, Bluetooth Smart, and Bluetooth Smart Ready” below.)


The partner companies on the booth are:

  • TKO Mobile, which will show software solutions using Bluetooth low energy beacons powered by Nordic's nRF51822 System-on-Chip (SoC) and Apple's “iBeacon” protocol. TKO will demonstrate mobile apps and cloud-based tools that showcase innovative uses for beacons;
  • Belwith Products, which will demonstrate a range of SecuRemote® Technology -enabled residential access products and secure-home storage devices using Nordic’s nRF51822 SoC. The products on show include the newest generation of “Smart Deadbolt”, live demonstrations of the “Smart Garage Door”, and a SecuRemote module that can be incorporated into third-party designs by OEMs;
  • QFO Labs, a startup company from Minneapolis, which is showing a range of high-quality yet affordable and fun toys such as the “Quad Fighter” and “Mimix”;
  • Wimoto, which will officially launch its family of Bluetooth low energy environmental sensors for home and business markets at the CES. The line-up includes climate (temperature/humidity/light)-, plant growing conditions-, water-, and security-sensors, plus a smart thermometer. The Nordic nRF51822-powered sensors connect directly to current Apple iOS and Android devices, and run for over a year on a single battery. The company will also be showing a prototype of their “Cloud Cube” gateway that connects sensors directly to the Internet for unattended monitoring and control;
  • IDT, which will exhibit a complete e-Wellness wireless eco system that transmits personal data from sensors to the cloud wirelessly via ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart Nordic technology. Sensors on show include an activity monitor / fall detector, blood pressure meter, body weight scale with body fat indication, blood glucose meter, heart rate monitor, and bike speed/cadence sensor;
  • Novalia, which will demonstrate the company’s low-cost, patented manufacturing technology using standard print processes combined with capacitive touch technology that allow Bluetooth low energy wireless control to be added to everyday low cost materials such as paper, card, and plastic, for potentially just a few dollars in high volume;
  • Braveridge, which will show its “iBeacon” reference design with finished enclosure ready for use by any potential iBeacon system integrators. The reference design employs a Nordic nRF51822 SoC;
  • Thalmic Labs, a North American company headquartered in Waterloo, which is demonstrating the Myo armband that measures electrical activity in muscles to wirelessly control computers, phones, and other digital technologies, resulting in seamless interaction between humans and devices;
  • Estimote, which will demonstrate its latest Beacon technology and its transformative effect for retailers and marketers. The company is installing a global Bluetooth low energy sensor network and platform for developers to build applications and services that empower users to experience life in new and exciting ways and was recently named the “Best Hardware Startup” at TechCrunch Disrupt.


Other companies exhibiting on the Nordic booth are Chomp (activity sensor), Primax (mouse, keyboard, and remote control), and TCL/ALCATEL ONETOUCH. Key products will also feature in extended presentations at various times during the event. (For more details click here.)


All the product and demonstrations are based on Nordic's market-leading nRF51 Series multiprotocol Systems-on-Chip (SoCs). (See “About nRF51 Series” below.)


In addition to the product demonstrations, newly-crowned world chess champion and world chess number 1 Magnus Carlsen––who entered into a three-year sponsorship deal with Nordic earlier this year––will take on 20 players in a simultaneous match. (For more details of the competition click here) During the match, Carlsen will use a wrist-worn heart rate monitor provided by Mio. Carlsen’s heart rate, and that of the twenty people he will be playing, will be wirelessly transmitted to North Pole Engineering’s WASP ANT/Wi-Fi bridge and from there to a large screen. Carlsen will also visit the Nordic booth to sign autographs on Wednesday, January 8 between 15:00 and 16:00.


“We’re pleased to confirm the partner companies that will be exhibiting on our booth at International CES,” says J. Darren O’Donnell, Nordic Semiconductor’s Director of Sales – Americas. “It’s a great opportunity for visitors to get an overview of the breadth of innovation that Bluetooth low energy and ANT+ wireless technologies are encouraging. The products on the booth are in general not prototypes, rather commercially available devices that demonstrate both how rapidly ultra low power wireless is spreading and how companies with little or no RF knowledge can now quickly enter this lucrative market using the Nordic nRF51 Series development tools.”


International CES boasts more than four decades of success. In 2013, CES showcased more than 3,200 exhibitors, including manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, and technology delivery systems. More than 152,000 attendees from over than 150 countries attended the event.



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