Technical documentation

for Nordic Semiconductor products

SoCs and SiPs

Our product range

nRF91 Series

Low power SiP with integrated LTE-M/NB-IoT modem and GPS

nRF53 Series

Dual-core Bluetooth 5.2 SoC

nRF52 Series

Advanced Bluetooth 5 multiprotocol SoCs


Bluetooth Low Energy and 2.4 GHz SoC

nRF Connect SDK

Develop applications for your IoT or short-range wireless solutions

nRF Connect SDK

Applications, samples, libraries and drivers


Closed-source libraries and modules in binary format

Kconfig reference

Describe build-time configuration options

MCU boot

A fork of the MCU boot project


Develop applications for your nRF52 Series or nRF51 Series device


Drivers, libraries and examples

nRF5 SDK for mesh

Nordic's implementation of Bluetooth mesh

nRF5 SDK for Thread and Zigbee

Examples for developing with Thread and Zigbee


Tools for developing, programming and debugging

nRF5 Sniffer for BLE

Debugging Bluetooth packets over-the-air


Python interface for the nrfjprog DLL

Power Profiler Kit

Measures the real-time power consumption of your designs

Prototyping platforms

Create a proof of concept

Nordic Thingy:91

An easy to use cellular IoT prototyping platform

Nordic Thingy:52

An easy to use short-range prototyping platform

nRF Cloud

Connect and configure your Bluetooth or LTE IoT prototype to cloud

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BLE drivers

Bluetooth Low Energy drivers for the nRF5 Series devices on GitHub