nRF51422는 ANT+ 및 2.4GHz 초절전 무선 애플리케이션에 이상적인 강력하고 매우 유동적인 다중 프로토콜 SoC입니다. nRF51422는 256KB flash + 16KB RAM이 있는 32-bit ARM® Cortex™ M0 CPU가 탑재되어 있습니다. 내장형 2.4GHz 송수신기는 proprietary 2.4GHz 동작뿐만 아니라 ANT 기능도 지원하며 여기에서 nRF51422는 Nordic Semiconductor의 nRF24L 및 nRF24AP 시리즈와 호환됩니다.

nRF51422에는 또한 풍부한 아날로그 및 디지털 주변 기기 선택 항목이 통합되어 있으며 이는 프로그램 가능한 주변 기기와의 상호 연결(PPI) 시스템을 통해 CPU 간섭 없이 상호 작용할 수 있습니다. 유동적인 31-pin GPIO 매핑 구조는 PCB 요구조건에 명시된 바와 같이 특정 장치 핀으로 매핑되는 직렬 인터페이스, PWM 및 quadrature demodulator와 같은 I/O를 허용합니다. 이는 핀아웃 위치 및 기능과 관련된 완벽한 설계 유동성을 가능하게 합니다.

nRF51422는 Gazell 등을 비롯한 2.4GHz 프로토콜 스택 뿐만 아니라 내장된 S210 ANT 프로토콜 스택을 지원하며 이 두가지 제품은 nRF514 소프트웨어 개발 키트에서 무료로 사용 가능합니다. nRF51422는 한 대의 전원 공급장치만 필요로 하고 사용자에게 1.8-3.6V 공급 범위, 직접적인 1.8V 모드를 제공하는 칩 선형 레귤레이터와 2.1-3.6V의 공급 범위를 제공하는 온 칩 DCDC buck 변환기를 사용할 수 있는 옵션을 제공합니다. 실행 시간 동안 DC-DC 변환기 사용을 역동적으로 제어할 수 있고 10 mA @ 3V 공급(TX @ 0 dBm & RX) 전류 이하의 무선 피크 전류에서 nRF51422를 작동할 수 있도록 허용합니다.

nRF51422는 48-pin 6x6 QFN 패키지 및 3.5x3.8mm 64 ball wafer-level 칩 스케일 패키지(WLCSP)에서 사용 가능합니다.




  • 단일 칩, 높은 유동성, 2.4GHz 다중 프로토콜 장치
  • 32-bit ARM Cortex M0 CPU 코어
  • 256KB 플래시 16KB RAM
  • 내장형 ANT 프로토콜 스택(S210)
  • 쓰레드 안전성 및 실행 시간 보호
  • 3가지 데이터 전송률(2Mbps/1Mbps/250kbps)
  • nRF24L 시리즈와 호환
  • +4dBm ~ -20dBm 출력
  • 최대 전력 효율 애플리케이션 및 코드 단순화를 위한 PPI 시스템
  • 유동적인 전력 관리 기능
  • 아날로그 및 디지털 I/O용 구성 가능 I/O 매핑




  • 모바일 폰 액세서리
  • 개인 통신망
  • 스포츠 및 휘트니스 센서 및 모바일 장치
  • 헬스 센서 및 모니터 장치
  • 물류 및 추적 애플리케이션
  • 가정용/산업용 자동화
  • 환경 센서
  • 활성 RFID
  • 산업용 및 상업용 센서
  • 청중 반응 시스템


Related Products


제품 간략한 설명
nRFS210 내장형 ANT 스택
nRF51822 Bluetooth low energy 및 2.4GHz proprietary SoC
nRF24AP2-1CH 1-채널 ANT 연결성 IC
nRF24AP2-8CH 8-채널 ANT 연결성 IC
nRF24LE1 플래시가 있는 2.4GHz RF 시스템 온 칩
nRF24LU1+ 플래시 및 USB가 있는 2.4GHz RF 시스템 온 칩
nRF24L01+ 초절전 2.4GHz RF 송수신기 IC


Ordering codes



  • Ultra low power consumption
  • 6.3mA - TX at -4dBm (3V using on-chip DC-DC)
  • 8.0mA - TX at 0dBm (3V using on-chip DC-DC)
  • 11.8mA – TX at +4dBm (3V using on-chip DC-DC)
  • 9.7mA – RX (3V using on-chip DC-DC)
  • 13mA – RX at 1Mbps (No DC-DC)
  • 10.5mA – TX at 0dBm (No DC-DC)
  • 0.6µA – SYSTEM-OFF, no RAM retention
  • 1.2µA - SYSTEM-OFF, 8KB RAM retention
  • 2.6µA - SYSTEM-ON, All peripherals in idle mode

2.4GHz Multi-protocol Radio

  • +4dBm to -20dBm output power in 4dBm steps
  • -30dBm output power in whisper mode
  • -96dBm RX sensitivity at 250kbs
  • -90dBm RX sensitivity at 1Mbps
  • -85dBm RX sensitivity at 2Mbps
  • 2 Mbps, 1 Mbps and 250kbs supported data rates
  • Excellent co-existence performance


  • 32-bit ARM® Cortex™ M0 32-bit CPU


  • 256kB/128kB embedded flash
  • 32kB/16kB RAM

System Peripherals

  • 3 x 16/24-bit timers with counter mode
  • 16 channel CPU independent Programmable Peripheral Interconnect (PPI)
  • Encryption -128-bit AES ECB/CCM/AAR co-processor
  • RNG
  • RTC
  • Temperature sensor


  • Flexible GPIO pin configuration
  • 31 GPIO
  • Up to 4 PWM

Digital I/O

  • Digital interfaces -SPI Master/Slave, 2-wire, UART
  • Quadrature decoder

Analog I/O

  • 8/9/10 bit ADC - 8 configurable channels
  • Low power comparator


  • 16MHz XO
  • 16MHz RCOSC
  • 32MHx XO
  • 32kHz XO
  • 32kHz RCOSC

Power Management

  • Wide supply voltage range (1.8 V to 3.6 V)
  • Flexible power management scheme
  • On-chip DC/DC converter
  • 600nA @ 3V OFF mode
  • 2.6µA @ 3V ON mode, all blocks in idle mode
  • 1.2µA @ 3V OFF mode + 1 region RAM retention
Development Tools and Software


Nordic offers a range of HW and SW tools you can leverage to get you started evaluating and developing applications on your chosen nRF51 Series device. Please use the links below to learn more about the development tools and software that are available from Nordic and 3rd parties.


Nordic Hardware


The nRF51 Series development hardware is provided by the nRF51 DK development kit and the nRF51 Dongle. The nRF51 DK and nRF51 Dongle covers the nRF51822 and nRF51422 SoCs and supports Bluetooth Smart, ANT and 2.4GHz proprietary SW development. In addition you may download the recommended nRF51 reference layouts from the download tab on this page.


nRF51 DK

The nRF51 DK is a versatile single-board development kit offering access to all nRF51 Series IO through an Arduino UNO compatible socket or standard pin headers. nRF51 DK supports programming and debugging through both Jlink (Segger OB) and Mbed.
nRF51 DK 3D

For more information and relevant downloads, check out the nRF51 DK product page.


nRF51 Dongle

The nRF51 Dongle is a small USB dongle that have the same program and debug capabilities as the nRF51 DK. It's prime purpose is to interact with PC based development tools and utilities from Nordic that enables it to be used as a peer device for your prototype, a sniffer to monitor on air traffic or indeed as an ultra small development board in itself.
nRF Dongle_both sides

For more information and relevant downloads, check out the nRF51 Dongle product page


Reference layouts

Since the nRF51 Series devices all are SoCs for wireless communication, the quality of the PCB layout is of outmost importance to ensure good radio performance. Official nRF51 reference layouts can be found on the download tab of this page, and please do follow them closely to avoid dissapointments when testing or qualifying your product.



3rd Party Hardware


A number of 3rd party companies have made both complementary components as well as HW solutions based on nRF51 Series devices. Utilising these products may simplify your nRF51 development as well as production.


3rd Party Board

Manufacturer Product Brief Description
WaveTek BLE WT51822-ABS BLE WT51822-ABS Bluetooth Smart shield for Arduino

Integrated Baluns

If you don't want to take on the job of making and tuning an antenna match with discrete passive components, please find nRF51 compatible integrated antenna baluns from the following vendors here:


3rd Party Matching Baluns

Manufacturer Product Brief Description
Cyntec TBL-1411-245-LR 2.45GHz Thin film Balun for nRF51x22-CxAx
Johnson Technology 2450BM08B0003 Impedance Matched Balun Filter for nRF51x22-CxAx
Johnson Technology 2450BM14E0003 Impedance Matched Balun Filter for nRF51x22-QFAx
Murata LFB182G45BG7D948 Impedance Matched Balun Filter for nRF51x22-CxAx (Consumer grade)
Murata LFB182G45BG7V948 Impedance Matched Balun Filter for nRF51x22-CxAx (Industrial grade)
STMicroelectronics BAL-NRF02D3 50 ohm integrated balun for nRF51x22-CxAx
STMicroelectronics BALF-NRF01E3 50 ohm integrated balun for nRF51x22-QFAA and nRF51x22-QFAC


3rd Party Modules

You may find a wide range of pre-qualified modules based on nRF51 Series devices on our 3rd Party Module page if you don't want to spend time on the Radio design work and NRE costs to qualify a design for Bluetooth Smart and teleregulatory authorities (FCC, ETESI, MIC, TELEC).




By using nRF51 Series devices you get free access to pre-qualified Bluetooth Smart as well as ANT protocol stacks for use in your applications along with extensive libraries and application examples.

The software are split in two major parts: SoftDevices containing wireless protocol stacks; and the nRF51 Software Development Kit (SDK) forming a common application code base for all nRF51 devices.



A SoftDevice is precompiled and linked binary software, implementing a wireless protocol. While it is software, you as an application developer have minimal compile-time dependence on its features. The unique hardware and software support framework, in which it executes, provides run-time isolation and determinism in its behavior. These characteristics make the interface comparable to a hardware peripheral abstraction with a functional, programmatic interface.

The SoftDevice Application Program Interface (API) is available to applications as a high-level programming language interface, for example, a C header file.

Please find documentation as well as all available Softdevices, for free download, on the download tab of this page.




The nRF51 Software Development Kit (SDK) is your starting point for software development on the nRF51 Series. It contains source code libraries and example applications covering :

  • Wireless as well as application examples
  • Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ profiles
  • Nordic’s 2.4GHz proprietary stack Gazell
  • Libraries for all nRF51 peripherals
  • Bootloaders
  • Wired as well as Over the Air (OTA) FW upgrades
  • Selected RTOS examples
  • Serialization libraries of Nordic SoftDevices


The nRF51 SDK is built on the ARM® CMSIS standard and supports the following SW development tool chains:


nRF51 SDK is available on the download tab of this page.





In order to aid your product development with programming and test/debug, Nordic also offers a range of tools enabling you to interact with and monitor prototype/product:

Tools Description
nRFgo Studio PC tool allowing device programming and Radio performance tests on nRF51.
Master Control Panel

An peer device emulator that allows you to connect to, monitor and interact directly with the bluetooth services in your product. This is a great tool to check if your product identifies itself and its capabilities the correct way as well as testing how it responds to correct as well as incorrect actions in the peer device.

MCP is an application for Windows PC’s (using the nRF51-Dongle).

nRF Master Control Panel

A powerful generic tool that allows you to scan and explore your Bluetooth Smart devices and communicate with them.

nRF MCP is an application on Android.

ANTware A peer device emulator for the ANT protocol running on PC’s with the nRF51-Dongle. This is a great tool to check if your product identifies itself and its capabilities the correct way as well as how it responds to correct as well as incorrect actions in the peer device.
nRF Sniffer

If the communication with a 3 party Bluetooth Smart Ready peer doesn’t work as intended, the nRF Sniffer enables you to monitor all the on air traffic between you and the peer through link establishment, security negotiations to exchange of data.

Often the only way to find where communication breaks down, and logs from this tool will often be the first thing our support engineers will ask for if you enter a support case/request on MyPage regarding communication problems.

nRF51-BLE-Driver Windows dll linking the MCP with the nRF51 Dongle. Presents an API similar to our SoftDevices for a PC application, making it ideal to make your own PC based test and demo tools.
nRFjprog (part of nRF51 toolset installer) Command line utility enabling programming of nRF51 devices through Jlink programmers/debuggers.
Mergehex (part of nRF51 toolset installer) Since the Nordic SoftDevices comes as precompiled hex files, when adding your own application, you will have (at least) 2 hex files to program into an nRF51 in your production line. Some industrial programmers can’t handle this and mergehex is a command line utility enabling you to combine multiple hex files into one for these programmers.
JlinkARM (part of nRF51 toolset installer) Driver for jlink debuggers

Please find these tools on the download tab of this page.



Mobile Apps


Your products are of course likely to communicate with a mobile device or computer, indeed that may be the sole purpose of it. To enable this you will need to interact with the wireless stacks and features in the installed OS’s themselves or an APP installed on top of these OS’s.

To facilitate this part of the development, Nordic has a range of application examples and tools for all the main mobile operating systems. Please visit our Mobile Apps page to get started with your mobile device SW development.



Legacy nRF51 development tools:

Not recommended for new designs.

Product Brief Description
nRF51822-mKIT ARM mbed Evaluation Kit using nRF51822 SoC (not recommended for new designs)
nRF51822 DK nRFgo Development Kit for nRF51822 (not recommended for new designs)
nRF51822 EK nRFgo Evaluation Kit for nRF51822 (not recommended for new designs)


Nordic Semiconductor protocol stacks are known as SoftDevices.SoftDevices are pre-compiled, pre-linked binary files. SoftDevices can be programmed in nRF5 series devices, and are freely downloadable from the Nordic website.


Code Name Version
S110-SD-v6 S110 nRF51822 SoftDevice (Production ready) 6.2.1
S110-SD-v7 S110 nRF51822 SoftDevice (Production ready) 7.3.0
S110-SD-v8 S110 nRF51 SoftDevice (Production ready) 8.0.0
S120-SD-v1 S120 nRF51822 SoftDevice v1.0.1 (Production ready) 1.0.1
S120-SD-v2 S120 nRF51 SoftDevice (Production ready) 2.1.0
S130 nRF51 Series SoftDevice (production ready) 1.0.0
S130-SD-v2 S130 nRF51 SoftDevice (Production ready) 2.0.1
S210 nRF51422 SoftDevice (Production-ready) 4.0.1
S210 nRF51422 SoftDevice (Production-ready) 5.0.0
S310 nRF51422 SoftDevice 1.0.0
S310 nRF51422 SoftDevice (production ready) 2.0.1
S310 nRF51422 SoftDevice (production ready) 3.0.0


Software Development Kit
Nordic Semiconductor's Software Development Kits (SDK) are your starting point for software development on the nRF51 and nRF52 Series. It contains source code libraries and example applications covering wireless functions, libraries for all peripherals, bootloaders, Wired and OTA FW upgrades, RTOS examples, serialization libraries and more.

Software Development Kit

Code Name Version
nRF5-SDK-zip nRF5 SDK Zip File 12.2.0


PC software
To aid your product development, Nordic also offers a range of tools enabling you to interact with and monitor your product


Code Name Version
ANTware-SW ANTware II 4.100
nRF-Connect-OS-X nRF Connect tar.gz archive for OS X 1.1.0
nRF-Connect-Ubuntu-Linux nRF Connect tar.gz archive for Ubuntu Linux 64-bit 1.1.0
nRF-Connect-Windows nRF Connect installer for Windows 1.1.0
nRF-MCP-x64 Master Control Panel with Master Emulator API (64-bit) 3.10.0
nRF-MCP-x86 Master Control Panel with Master Emulator API (32-bit) 3.10.0
nRF-Sniffer nRF Sniffer (First Production release) - PC Software and Device Firmware that allow you to see all Bluetooth low energy packets on the air between two devices. 1.0.1
nRF5 Bluetooth low energy GATT/GAP Driver for Windows. Used to set up and interact with BLE on nRF51 devices with connectivity firmware and SoftDevice. 0.5.0
nRF5 Bluetooth low energy GATT/GAP Driver for Windows. Used to set up and interact with BLE on nRF51 devices with connectivity firmware and SoftDevice. 0.5.0
nRF5 Bluetooth low energy GATT/GAP Driver for Windows. Used to set up and interact with BLE on nRF51 devices with connectivity firmware and SoftDevice. 0.5.0
nRF51-IoT-SDK-zip nRF51 IoT SDK Zip File 0.8.0
nRF5x-Command-Line-Tools-Linux32 nRF5x toolset tar for Linux 32-bit (nrfjprog and mergehex) 9.3.1
nRF5x-Command-Line-Tools-Linux64 nRF5x toolset tar for Linux 64-bit (nrfjprog and mergehex) 9.3.1
nRF5x-Command-Line-Tools-OSX nRF5x toolset tar for OSX (nrfjprog and mergehex) 9.3.1
nRF5x-Command-Line-Tools-Win32 nRF5x toolset installer for Windows (JLinkARM, JLink CDC, nRFjprog, and mergehex) 9.3.1
nRF5x-MDK-GCC nRF5x MDK for Gcc. 8.11.1
nRF5x-MDK-IAR nRF5x MDK for IAR Embedded Workbench. 8.11.1
nRF5x-MDK-Keil4 nRF5x MDK for Keil4 and Keil5 compatibility version. 8.11.1
nRF5x-MDK-Pack nRF5x MDK pack. 8.11.1
nRF5x-Pynrfjprog Python binding for nrfjprog.dll. Only usable in 32 bit Python 2.7, 3.4, and 3.5, in Windows, Linux and OSX. 9.3.1
raspbian-kernel-zip Raspbian kernel for Raspberry Pi 3.17.4

User Guides

Code Name Version
ANTmes-UG ANT Message Protocol and Usage 5.0
ANTware-UG ANTware II User's Guide 1.1
nRF-Sniffer-UG nRF Sniffer User Guide 1.1