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  • Added support for nRF51801_xxAB device.
  • Added support for nRF52832_xxAB device.
  • Added workaround for Erratum 136 for nRF52832 and nRF52840 devices.

  • Introducing MDK in two license type. Exciting BSD license and a new 5-clause Nordic proprietary license.
  • Modified startup files to be able to define the stack alignment from a header file. Given an example of a header file.
  • Added fixed PPI channel macro to xxx_peripheral.h header files.
  • Added 2Mbit Bluetooth low energy macro in nRF52832 header files to use in the Bluetooth low energy 5.0 2Mbit mode.
  • Added workaround for erratum 12 in system_nrf52.c file. Moved enabling of trace to the beginning of the function.
  • Fixed nRF52840 header files with register CLOCK.LFRCMODE register to control the LF generating mode.
  • Reduced the size of the vector table for nRF52832 and nRF52840 startup files.
8.11.1 Added support for nRF52840 and nRF51824. Please see release notes for more info. Download
  • Updated compiler abstraction header files with __ALIGN macro for IAR compiler and __PACKED macro.
  • Added Baud56000 to UART enumerated values in nrf51_bitfields and nrf52_bitfields.
  • Added missing macro transformations in nrf51_to_nrf52.h compatibility header file.
  • Added missing macros for FPU and SYSTICK in nrf52832_peripheral.h header file.
  • Updated RAM size in nRF52832 device in keil4 device database. No longer reflecting EngA size but EngB and FP1.
  • Renamed some files for IAR EW IDE.
  • Added workaround for Errata 108 into system_nrf52.c.
  • Updated header files for nRf51 and nRF52. For nRF51 the non-existing peripheral AMLI was removed. For nRF52, updated to current version of PS (1.1).
  • Added missing macros to peripheral.h files.
  • Added GCC linker scripts to pack file.
  • Modified startup files (and linker files for IAR) in order to be able to set heap and stack sizes at compile time from a header file.
  • Corrected IAR nrf52.i79 problems with older versions of EW.
8.6.1 1) Deleted wrong information in nRF51.h and nRF51_bitfields. The peripheral deleted in the files is not actually in the device. 2) Fixed error in GCC linker files. If the compiler optimization was very high, the stack and the heap might be optimized away. Download