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  • First release with a Bluetooth mesh profile v1.0 qualified stack
  • Added support for GATT bearer server (experimental)
  • Added support for Proxy node (experimental)
  • Added support for Provisioning over the GATT bearer (experimental)
  • Added support for configuration client for the interactive PyACI
  • SDK coexistence guide updated for better explanation of coexistence with other Nordic SDKs for concurrent GATT/GAP (and other usage)
  • DFU quick start guide fixed along with script
  • SDK patch file updated
  • Serial Example documentation updated
  • Latest version for the nRF51 Series

  • Support for Heartbeat
  • DFU bootloader in source code
  • Proprietary Nordic Advertiser Extensions ("InstaBurst!") feature for improved throughput
  • Key refresh has been implemented
  • AD-listener module for simplified subscription to advertisement data
  • IRQ levels are now aligned with the nRF5 SDK
  • Node de-provisioning supported through the Config Server Node Reset message

  • This is a hotfix release with no new features.
  • Bugfixes
    • Segger Embedded Studio Projects have devkit BOARD defines now instead of dongles
    • Standard BLE Access Address now used for all binary artifacts (.hex/.lib)
  • Health Model
  • Support for nRF52840
  • Support for new SoftDevices S132 versions 4.0.4 and 5.0.0 and S140 version 5.0.0-3.alpha
  • Aligned with the nRF5 SDK version 14.
  • Refactored Bearer Layer and Core for increased bandwidth and robustness
  • RSSI and timestamp information is made available
  • Each example project now has its own Segger Embedded Studio project file