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  • This is a hotfix release with no new features.
  • Bugfixes
    • Segger Embedded Studio Projects have devkit BOARD defines now instead of dongles
    • Standard BLE Access Address now used for all binary artifacts (.hex/.lib)
  • Health Model
  • Support for nRF52840
  • Support for new SoftDevices S132 versions 4.0.4 and 5.0.0 and S140 version 5.0.0-3.alpha
  • Aligned with the nRF5 SDK version 14.
  • Refactored Bearer Layer and Core for increased bandwidth and robustness
  • RSSI and timestamp information is made available
  • Each example project now has its own Segger Embedded Studio project file

  • Interactive PyACI has support for an interactive provisioner and provisionee
  • nrf_mesh_packet_send()now supports the reliable feature. I.e., it is possible to send single segments messages using the transport layer SAR
  • New serial interface event "Prov Failed"
  • Various bug fixes and other updates. See the release notes for details

0.9.1 Download