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White Papers

This page contains a table with all available White Papers. Documents relevant for a product will also be available from the products download page.

Code Name Version
nWP-001 Benefits of Total Integration of Large RF Circuits
nWP-002 Debugging nRF24EX/nRF9E5 programs using the Keil uVision2 debugger 1.1
nWP-004 FCC/ETSI confirmity test guidelines for nRF24Z1
nWP-005 Introduction to wireless networks
nWP-006 nRF Performance Test Guidelines 1.0
nWP-007 nRF24Z1 S/PDIF Connections
nWP-008 Quarterwave printed monopole antenna for 2.4GHz
nWP-009 Quarterwave printed monopole antenna for 868MHz and 915MHz
nWP-010 Regulatory and Compliance Standards for RF Devices
nWP-011 Sharing crystal with a microcontroller (MCU) 1.1
nWP-013 Tuning the nRF24xx matching network
nWP-014 USB Certification Guidelines
nWP-015 Crystal Oscillator Design Considerations
nWP-017 Antenna tuning 1.0
nWP-018 Migrating from the 1st to the 2nd revision of nRF51822 2.0
nWP-019 Migrating from the 1st to the 2nd revision of nRF51422 2.0
nWP-021 Migrating from the 2nd to the 3rd revision of nRF51822 2.0
nWP-022 Migrating from the 2nd to the 3rd revision of nRF51422 2.0