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Application Notes

This page contains a table with all available application notes. Documents relevant for a product will also be available from the products download page.

Code Name Version
nAN-15 Creating Applications with the Keil C51 C Compiler 1.1
nAN-18 nRF24LE1 firmware update over the air 1.1
nAN-19 nAN-19 nRF24LE1 with support for infrared protocols 1.0
nAN-20 Using external, non-volatile memory with the nRF24LE1 [Firmware included] 1.0
nAN-22 Generic data transfer using USB HID 1.1
nAN-25 nRF8001 and nRF8002 Interoperability with Apple iPhone 4S (iOS 5) 1.1
nAN-27 Measuring the dynamic current for nRF8001 1.0
nAN-34 Setting up production test using DTM 1.01
nAN-36 Creating Bluetooth Low Energy Applications Using nRF51822 1.1
nAN-38 WLCSP Handling Guidelines 1.0
nAN24-08 nRF Performance Test Instructions 1.1
nAN24-09 nRF24Z1 RF Layout 1.0
nAN24-10 nRF24Z1 controlled by external MCU [Firmware included] 1.0
nAN24-11 nRF24Z1 Coexistence stress test 1.0
nAN24-12 Software examples using ShockBurst modes in nRF24L01 and nRF24LU1 2.1
nAN24-13 How to measure crystal start up time for nRF24LE1 1.0
nAN24-14 Using flash devices as development platforms for OTP devices 1.0
nAN24-16 Changing the detection range of waypoints in nRFready R/C racing 1.0
nAN24-17 Using a 2450BM14A0002 Balun with nRF24LE1 QFN32 1.0
nAN400-08 QFN Soldering Reflow Guidelines 1.2
nAN900-04 nRF905 RF and antenna layout 2.1
nAN900-05 nRF9E5 RF and antenna layout 2.1