S140 SoftDevice

Concurrent multi-role Bluetooth 5 protocol stack for nRF52840 SoC.

The S140 SoftDevice is a Bluetooth 5 protocol stack that supports the nRF52840 multi-protocol SoC. This SoftDevice combined with the nRF52840 allows developers to leverage the exciting range of new features introduced in Bluetooth 5 and introduce them into their product design.


The S140 offers concurrent, multi-role support and introduces support for the three major feature additions of Bluetooth 5, these are

  • High throughput mode (x 2 throughput improvement)
  • Long range mode (x 4 range improvement)
  • Advertising extensions (x 8 broadcast capacity improvement)
  • Improved co-existence features

The S140 is currently an alpha release and not recommended for use in final products before it reaches production build.

Please refer to current S140 release notes to identify the current level of supported features.




Click to download the latest version of the S140 SoftDevice.



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