nRF24AP2 Development Kit

ANT Development Kit for nRF24AP2


The nRF24AP2 Development Kit is a complete solution for developing ANT and ANT+ products using the nRF24AP2 ANT™ Connectivity ICs. The kit includes drop-in ANT modules, battery boards, I/O boards, USB interface boards, plus access to the ANT Developer Zone.

The ANT Developer Zone provides access to a comprehensive set of software tools for developing ANT applications - including ANTware II - for testing, debugging, configuration, as well as using SensRware for creating SensRcore scripts and drivers for Windows and Mac OS X.


  • Complete solution for developing ANT and ANT+ applications using the nRF24AP2 ICs
  • nRF24AP2 modules, battery boards, and I/O boards
  • Access to a comprehensive set of software tools including ANTware II and drivers for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X


  • 2x nRF24AP2 modules (ANTAP281M5IB)
  • 2x SensRcore ANT modules (ANT11TS33M5IB)
  • 2x battery boards
  • 2x I/O boards
  • 2x USB interface boards
  • 2x CR2032 coin cells

Supported products/complementary

Product Brief description
nRF24AP2 Development Upgrade Kit nRF24AP2 upgrade kit for the Nordic nRF24AP1 Development Kit

Ordering codes

Code Description
nRF24AP2-DK1 ANT Development Kit for the Nordic nRF24AP2