Single chip ANT™ ICs/solutions


Nordic Semiconductor offers a complete ANT™ wireless solution based on a range of ANT connectivity RF ICs with fully embedded ANT protocol stacks. Our solution is an ideal fit for a wide range of ultra low power wireless sensor network applications including wireless sensors and hubs for sports, fitness and healthcare products.


ANT™ is a proven, ultra low power, flexible and easy-to-use network protocol for 2.4GHz ISM band communication. ANT provides multivendor interoperability via the ANT+ managed network and the member companies of the open ANT+ Alliance.



ANT™ Products



nRF51 Series

Part # Brief Description
nRF51422 ANT and ANT/Bluetooth Smart multiprotocol SoC


nRF24AP2 Series

Part # Brief Description
nRF24AP2-1CH 1-channel ANT Connectivity IC
nRF24AP2-8CH 8-channel ANT Connectivity IC
nRF24AP2-USB 8-channel ANT Connectivity IC with USB interface


Development Tools

Part # Brief Description
nRF51 DK Development kit for Bluetooth Smart, ANT and 2.4GHz applications
nRF51 Dongle Bluetooth Smart/ANT/2.4GHz Development dongle
nRF51 SDK Software Development Kit for the nRF51 Series
nRF24AP2 Development Kit ANT Development Kit for nRF24AP2-1CH/8CH RF ICs
nRF24AP2 Development Upgrade Kit nRF24AP2 upgrade kit for nRF24AP1 Development Kit
nRF51422 Development Kit nRFgo Development Kit for nRF51422 (not recommended for new designs)
nRF51422 Evaluation Kit nRFgo Evaluation Kit for nRF51422 (not recommended for new designs)


Reference Designs

Part # Brief Description
nRFready ANT USB dongle ANT USB dongle reference design with nRF24AP2-USB
nRFready Demo App Collection of nRFready Demo Apps using both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart for iOS, Samsung and Android 4.3


Legacy products

Not recommended for new designs

Part # Brief Description
nRF24AP1 4-channel ANT Connectivity IC
nRF24AP1 Development Kit ANT Development Kit for nRF24AP1