3rd Party Development Boards, DK-plugin Cards and Arduino Boards

The products presented on this page are from 3rd party companies using Nordic IC technology, and must be purchased through the sales networks of these companies.

On this page we have gathered a selection of such development board, DK-plugin card and Arduino board. These vendors are sorted alphabetically below. Please use the external links provided to find more information on features, sales channels and pricing.


Supplier Part # Nordic Device Description Sales Contact Region of Origin
AceUni Smart Sensor Kit (SSK-51422) nRF51422 The Smart Sensor Kit(SSK) is a versatile single-board development kit for Bluetooth low energy, ANT and 2.4GHz proprietary applications using the nRF51 Series SoC. All kinds of MEMS sensors are connected to SSK via industrial standard interface I²C. SSK includes 3D accelerometer, Buzzer and LED modules by default. Gyro, magentometer, barometer, humidity and temperature modules are optional. Customized modules are also supported sales@aceuni.com China
aconno GmbH ACD52832 nRF52832 The aconno ACD52832 is the ultimate prototyping platform for any Industry 4.0 or IoT use case in BT smart. Our board brings the speed and the simplicity of software development to hardware and IoT. It's designed for low power - from chip to ePaper display. It's a kit with endless possibilities, featuring: BT Smart, sensors (ambient light, accelorometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, temperature), leds, switches, servo controls, IR emitter, NFC, ... USB interface, drag’n’drop flashing capabilities sales@aconno.com Germany
aconno GmbH ARDS52832 nRF52832 The ACN52832 smart bluetooth module on an Arduino compatible shield - enabling Arduino developers to add Bluetooth Smart functionality to their Arduino projects and applications. sales@aconno.com Germany
aconno GmbH ARDB52832 nRF52832 The ARDB52832 takes the ACN52832 smart bluetooth module and turns it into an Arduino compatible development board - enabling developers to use the variety of Arduino compatible shields to create anything connected. sales@aconno.com Germany
AMBER wireless GmbH AMB2621 - EV nRF52832

Evaluation board for the AMB2621 BLE module


  • AMB2621: Ultra compact module (11*8*1,8 mm)
  • Easy to use Command Interface
  • SPP-like Profile “Smart Serial Profile”
  • Beacon functionality
  • OTA update
  • PCB antenna (AMB2621) or Pad (AMB2621-1)
  • Up to 10 GPIO’s for user Application
info@amber-wireless.de Germany
ARS Co. Ltd BHARAL BR-BAU-XX nRF51822 Small form factor and easy to integrate Bluetooth low energy Evaluation Module. Arduino wireless shield compatible. On board level converter and regulator, can be directly connected to 5v systems. Small 24.8mm x 21.1mm form factor. ars_millennium@arsjp.com Japan
EC-IS EC-MG-3000-128-v2 nRF51422 Smart Bicycle Gateway with integration of GSM/GPS, NCF, Bluetooth low energy and ANT+ and 3D Accelerometer. The module has a modular interface to power, wired networking and a to HMI. Dimensions are 50x25x10mm including all antennas. info@ec-is.be Belgium
iProtoxi Aistin Blue (BTL-3X1) nRF51822 Modular Bluetooth LE Host Board with Li-Ion battery, charging, internal antenna, 3D-accelerometer, 3D-magnetometer, 3D-Gyro, internal memory, humidity, air pressure, temperature sensors and two AistinBus24 extension slots for additional peripherals such as display orders@iprotoxi.fi Finland
L-TEK elektronika FlyTag FF1502 nRF51822 FlyTag FF1502 is a powerful Measurement and Control development tool that enables developers creating products and solutions in no time. Board is designed in xBee form factor and is also pinout compatible with other XBee sockets making a way to extend and upgrade functionality. FlyTag includes on board LEDs and various sensors (temperature, humidity, luminosity, gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer) and also enables extension via I2C.You can use the FireFly-IoT app or gateway to get your data to the IBM Watson IoT Platform instantly info@ltek.si Slovenia
MakerChips LLC BluChip



BluChip is a very small development board (16.6 mm x 11.15 mm x 3.15mm) for nRF51422/nRF51822. With 14 GPIO, 1x red LED and PCB antenna. It uses an FCC/IC approved Taiyo Yuden EYSGJNZWY module for rapid transition to production. It has standard .1” headers (optionally pre-populated) for gpio/programming/power and .05” headers for easy compatibility w/ Segger header. info@makerchips.com USA
Motsai MR-NEB2C nRF52832 The Neblina™ is a comprehensive and expandable sensor fusion miniaturized system-on-module that enables low-latency motion data, orientation and analysis. The module combines all the core functions of a wearable device including battery charge management, monitoring, motion sensors, environmental sensors and recording functions. Highly sophisticated sensor fusion algorithms are able to reject magnetic perturbations and perform advanced motion analytics for information extraction. The data can be recorded for download or streamed over Bluetooth Smart using the nRF52832 from Nordic Semiconductor. Development kits can be accompanied by the complete programming and development solution based on Eclipse. Multiple example applications for Android, iOS, Linux (ARM or x86) are provided and the real-time communication protocol is open and fully documented. sales@motsai.com Canada





Murata is supporting reference design of nRF51422, nRF51822

and nRF52832/nRF52810 with Ceramic Capacitor, Inductor, Crystal unit and Balun in one package.

https://www.murata.com/contactform Japan
NotWired.co C-nRF52-SKY66112 nRF52832 The C-nRF52-SKY66112 combined with the NotWired.co Arduino shield allows a user with the nRF52 DK to plug in the C-nRF52-SKY66112+Shield and have a system that provides Long Range BLE (400m+) capabilities and work with the Nordic SDK examples without any modifications. sales@notwired.co USA
NotWired.co EMRF-nRF51-SKY66111 nRF51422 The EMRF-nRF51-SKY66111 is an Arduino shield compatible board that allows a user with the nRF51 DK to plug in the EMRF-nRF51-SKY66111 shield and have a system that provides Long Range capabilities and work with the Nordic SDK examples without any modifications. (Bluetooth low energy and ANT capable) sales@notwired.co USA
Sony Mobile Communications AB Otii PC software Power Profiler Kit

Otii PC software is an easy-to-use interface to visualize measurements obtained by Power Profiler Kit (PPK).

What your get:

- All the options of customizing your PPK measurements as in nRF6707-SW

- Complete installation package for super easy installation

- Clear and intuitive UI on Windows, Linux and macOS

- Sync between current measurements and UART debug logs from your IoT device

- Record and display multiple measurements and logs for comparison and regression testing purposes

Save and open your projects, share them with fellow teammates or your supplier

contact@qoitech.com Sweden
Talon Communications, Inc. 24REVK nRF24L01+ This is a Developmet Platform for the nRF24L01+ FCC/IC/CE Certified long range (1Km+) radio module "Tango". Peripherals include GPS (for range test), LCD and Buzzer. scott.mcdermaid@taloncom.com USA
Tlera Corp. nRF52DevBoard.v01b nRF52832 This is a small (0.7 in. x 1.4 in.) development platform/prototype board with nRF52832. The board has a MAX1555 battery charger and a USB Micro-B connector for charging only, and a MPU9250 9 DoF motion sensor and a BMP280 altimeter. A NCP161 450 mA LDO 3V3 voltage regulator providing plenty of current to the board for adding sensors, SD cards, and displays, etc. The board can be powered from the USB connector or via a LiPo battery. onehorse@earthlink.net USA
U-blox EVK-NINA-B111/112 nRF52832 Evaluation/development kit for NINA-B1 modules based on nRF52. Evaluation of pre-flashed u-blox software suite, Nordic SDK or ARM mbed. Various powering options including coin cell battery. Possibility to measure power consumption on pure module. Onboard debugger and connector for external debugger info@u-blox.com Switzerland
Xeltek Inc.

SuperPro 6100/7500

Superpro IS01



Superpro 6100 / Superpro 7500 High-speed cost-effective universal chip programmer. It is designed to communicate using USB 2.0 port for development requirement and can also work in standalone mode (without connecting to a PC) for production requirement. Superpro IS01 is a professional multi-function serial programmer with compact size, fast ISP programming speed, good reliability and high performance. chirag@xeltek.com USA