3rd Party Bluetooth low energy Modules

Don't want or can't afford to spend big money and time to get your product through Bluetooth and Regulatory approvals? A range of module suppliers offers qualified and certified modules based on Nordic Semiconductor technology.


The products presented on this page are from 3rd party companies using Nordic IC technology, and must be purchased through the sales networks of these companies.

To get a Bluetooth or other wireless product on the market, there are a range of qualifications and approvals you will need to meet to prove that the product meet wireless standards. This qualification involves both testing and paperwork, which can be relatively complex and costly for those unfamiliar with the process. Approvals under wireless and tele regulatory standards cannot be obtained on IC's alone, they can only be acquired for complete products or sub-systems/modules.

Today, many of the world’s best-known module manufacturers offer modules based on Nordic Bluetooth low energy (previously called Bluetooth Smart) technology. These modules are available with the necessary external circuitry and are either partly, or fully, qualified (with/without integrated antenna) towards relevant wireless standards. On this page we have gathered a selection of such modules you can consider for your product. These module vendors are sorted alphabetically below. Please use the external links provided to find more information on features, MoQ, sales channels and pricing.
3rd Party Module

We have sorted the different module offerings in 2 categories, depending on what role they can play in your product.


1 - System on Modules

These modules are based on System-on-Chip (SoC) ICs from Nordic Semiconductor's nRF51 Series or nRF52 Series. Just like on the SoC ICs these modules offer you code space for your application as well as access to the ARM® Cortex™ M0 or M4 processor and peripherals of the device used. By using these modules you can leverage all the strengths of Nordic's SoC Hardware and Software architecture and make a 'single module product' without the need for an additional microcontroller to run your application.

nRF52832 Modules (Production/Sampling/Sampling soon)

Supplier Part # GPIO Size Antenna Country of origin
aconno GmbH ACN52832 28 20.3mmx25mmx3mm PCB Germany
AMBER wireless GmbH AMB2621 10 11x8x1,8mm PCB Germany
AMBER wireless GmbH AMB2621-1 10 11x8x1,8mm RF pad Germany
Argenox Technology AGX-832 32 9.7x14.2x2mm Chip USA
Dynastream D52QD2M4IA 30 20x20x2.7mm PCB Canada
Dynastream D52QD2M4IA-A 24 20x20x2.7mm PCB Canada
Dynastream D52MD2M8IA 24 14x9.8x2mm PCB Canada
Fanstel Corp BC832 32 7.8x8.8x1.3mm Chip USA
Fanstel Corp BT832 32 14x16x1.9mm PCB USA
Fanstel Corp BT832B 32 14x16x1.9mm PCB USA
Fanstel Corp BT832F 32 15x20.8x1.9mm PCB USA
Fanstel Corp BT832X 32 15x28x2.0mm PCB+PA USA
Fujitsu FWM7BLZ20-109049 30 15.7x9.8x1.7mm PCB Japan
Hosiden HRM1062 32 13.5x22.2x2.7mm PCB Japan
Insight SiP ISP1507 32 8x8x1mm Yes France
Insigma Inc BTIN0011 32 18.5x10.5x2.7mm PCB USA
i-syst IMM-NRF52832 32 23x17mm PCB Canada
Laird BL652-SA 32 10x14x2.1mm Chip UK
Laird BL652-SC 32 10x14x2.1mm Conn UK
mcThings mcMod120 9 30.0x20.7x3.7mm PCB Canada
MtM M905 26 6.5x6.5x1.1mm Chip Taiwan
Murata WSM-BL241-ADA-008 22 7.4x7.0x1.0mm PCB and pad Japan
Raytac MDBT42 32 13.8x8.8x1.9mm Chip Taiwan
Raytac MDBT42-P 32 13.8x8.8x1.9mm PCB Taiwan
Raytac MDBT42Q 32 16x10x2.2mm Chip Taiwan
Raytac MDBT42Q-P 32 16x10x2.2mm PCB Taiwan
Raytac MDBT42V 20 8.4x6.4x1.5mm Chip Taiwan
Rigado BMD-300 32 14.0x9.8x1.9mm PCB USA
Rigado BMD-301 32 14.0x9.8x1.9mm U.FL USA
Rigado BMD-350 32 8.65x6.4x1.5mm Chip USA
SKYLAB M&C Technoligy SKB369 19 17.4x13.7x1.9mm PCB China
Taiyo Yuden EYSHCNZXZ 30 9.6x12.9x2.0mm Chip Japan
Taiyo Yuden EYSHJNZXZ 15 5.1x11.3x1.3mm PCB Japan
Taiyo Yuden EYSHSNZWZ 15 3.25x8.55x0.9mm PCB Japan
Telit BlueMod+S42 21 17x10x2.6mm Chip Germany
u-blox NINA-B111 19 10x10.6mm No Swiss
u-blox NINA-B112 19 10x14mm Yes Swiss
USI WM-BLE-35 32 10x13x1.4mm PCB Taiwan
Utovertek UTO-NBL-52 30 5.9x5.9x1.5mm No South Korea
Utovertek UTO-NBL-52A 30 5.9x8.9x1.8mm Chip South Korea
WISOL BTS100A 34 4.7x4.0x1.0mm No South Korea
Xuntong PTR5618 11 15.4x15.4x1.6mm PCB China
Xuntong PTR5618PA 11 15.4x15.4x2mm PCB China
Xuntong PTR9618 32 23x17.6x1.8mm PCB China
Xuntong PTR9618PA 30 23x17.6x2.2mm PCB China
Xuntong PTR5628 11 9.4x9.3x1.6mm Chip China


nRF51822 Modules

Supplier Part # GPIO Size Antenna Country of origin
AceUni BLE51822C 22 20x15x2.4mm Yes China
AceUni BLE518WL8 11 8x8x2.0mm Yes China
Areus Engineering GmbH 102122 29 23x19x5mm PCB Germany
Chipsen BoT-nLE511 11 16.0x10.5mm Chip/Con+PA South Korea
Chipsen BoT-nLE512 11 16.0x10.5mm Chip/Con South Korea
Ehong Technology Co.,Ltd EH-MC30 22 15.7x9.2x2.2mm Chip China
Fanstel Corp BT600E 31 12x20x3mm U.LF USA
Fanstel Corp BT600I 31 12x20x3mm Chip USA
Fanstel Corp BT822CP 15 11.1x17.1x1.9mm PCB USA
Fujitsu MBH7BLZ01-109029 31 10.5x9.2x1.6mm No Japan
Fujitsu MBH7BLZ02-109031 31 15.7x9.8x2.0mm PCB Japan
Fujitsu MBH7BLZ07-109033 22 11.5x7.9x1.7mm PCB Japan
Fujitsu MBH7BLZ01A-109008 31 10.5x9.2x1.6mm No Japan
Fujitsu MBH7BLZ02A-109009 31 15.7x9.8x2.0mm PCB Japan
Fujitsu MBH7BLZ01 31 10.5x9.2x1.6mm No Japan
Fujitsu MBH7BLZ02 31 15.7x9.8x2.0mm PCB Japan
Fujitsu MBH7BLZ07 22 11.5x7.9x1.7mm PCB Japan
Fujitsu MBH7BLZ01A 31 10.5x9.2x1.6mm No Japan
Fujitsu MBH7BLZ02A 31 15.7x9.8x2.0mm PCB Japan
Gigawit GWBMD00x 15 15x15x3mm Chip China
Hosiden HRM1017-010010 31 23x17.3x2.6mm PCB Japan
Ilumi Solutions MeshTek-L51 16 12x13x2mm PCB USA
Ilumi Solutions MeshTek-H51 26 16x18x2.4mm Chip+PA USA
Insight SiP ISP130301 31 8x11.0x1.2mm Yes France
Insight SiP ISP1302 16 8x8x1mm Yes France
i-syst IMM-NRF51822 31 23x17mm PCB Canada
Karin KNRF51822_A248 29 20x17x1.8mm PCB China
Laird BL600-SA-0x 28 19x12.5x3mm PCB UK
Laird BL600-SC-0x 28 19x12.5x3mm U.FL UK
Laird BL600-ST-0x 28 19x12.5x3mm No UK
LiSeng LSN51822 27 15.2x22x1.8mm PCB+PA China
Minew MS49SF1 13 19x15x2mm PCB China
Minew MS49SF1 UART 13 19x15x2mm PCB China
Minew MS49SF2 13 16x12x5mm PCB China
MtM M904 15 6.5x6.5x1.2mm Yes Taiwan
MtM M904S 15 6.5x6.5x1.3mm No Taiwan
Prochild PBLN51822 31 20x14.5x2.2mm Yes South Korea
Raytac MDBT40 31 18x10x3.2mm Chip Taiwan
Raytac MDBT40-P 31 18x10x2.7mm PCB Taiwan
Raytac MDBT40 nano 20 8.6x8x1.5mm No Taiwan
Raytac MDBT40-C 31 18x10x2.7mm PCB Taiwan
RF Digital RFD51822 7 15x15x3.5mm Yes USA
RF Digital RFD51823 7 15x15x3.5mm No USA
RF Digital RFD51824 7 20x23mm DIP Yes USA
Rigado BMD-200 15 17x17x2.9mm Chip USA
SKYLAB M&C Technoligy SKB360 20 17.4x13.7x1.9mm PCB China
SKYLAB M&C Technoligy SKB362 4 12x19x1.9mm PCB China
Sysgration SY-MN1319X1 31 19.4x13.7x1.8mm Yes Taiwan
Taiyo Yuden EYSGCNZXX 29 9.6x12.9x2.0mm Chip Japan
Taiyo Yuden EYSGCNZWY 29 9.6x12.9x2.0mm Chip Japan
Taiyo Yuden EYSGJNZXX 14 5.1x11.3x1.3mm PCB Japan
Taiyo Yuden EYSGJNZWY 14 5.1x11.3x1.3mm PCB Japan
Taiyo Yuden EYSGCNAWY-1X 12 9.6x12.9x2.0mm Chip Japan
Taiyo Yuden EYSGJNAWY-1X 12 5.1x11.3x1.3mm PCB Japan
Telit (Stollmann) BlueMod+S 19 17x10x2.6mm Chip Germany
Utovertek UTO-NBL-51M 30 6.4x6.8x1.5mm No South Korea
Utovertek UTO-NBL-51MA 30 6.4x9.7x1.8mm Chip South Korea
WaveTek WT51822AA/AB 25 20.0x16.0x1.9mm PCB China
Wireless Tag WT51822-S1 31 16.5x16.5x2.5mm No China
Wireless Tag WT51822-S2 31 16.5x28.8x2.5mm PCB China
Wireless Tag WT51822-S4AT 31 18.5x9.1x2.0mm PCB China
Wistron NeWeb Corp. 81XRBH15.G01 19 16.5x12x2.65mm Chip Taiwan
Xuntong PTR5518 11 15x15x2mm PCB China
Xuntong PTR5518PA 11 15.4x15.4x2mm IPX- Interface + PA China
Xuntong PTR5528 11 11x9.1x1.5mm PCB China
Xuntong PTR9018 31 26x19x2mm PCB China
Xuntong PTR9018PA 30 23x17.6x1.8mm IPX- Interface + PA Cina
64seconds CR1 16 23x17x3.5mm Chip USA


nRF51422 Modules

Supplier Part # GPIO Size Antenna Country of origin
Delphian Systems SRU233 31 18x13x2.3 mm Chip USA
Delphian Systems SRU532 31 25x20x2.3 mm Chip + u.fl USA
Dynastream N548M8CB 24 9.8x14.2mm Yes Canada
Dynastream N550M8CC 24 14x9.8x2mm PCB Canada
Dynastream N550M4CC 13 20x20x2.7mm PCB Canada
Dynastream N5150M8CD 24 14x9.8x2mm PCB Canada
Dynastream N5150M4CD 13 20x20x2.7mm PCB Canada
i-SYST inc IMM-NRF51422 29 23x17mm PCB USA
Insight SiP ISP130301-AM 31 8x11.0x1.2mm Yes France
Raytac MDBT40ANT 31 18x10x3.2mm Chip Taiwan
Raytac MDBT40ANT-P 31 18x10x2.7mm PCB Taiwan
Taiyo Yuden EYAGJNZXX 14 5.1x11.3x1.3mm PCB Japan
Xuntong PTR9022 31 23x17.6x1.8mm PCB China


nRF BLE Modules with additional RF functionality

Supplier Part # GPIO Size Antenna Country of origin
Laird RM186-SM nRF51822 LoRa (868MHz LoRa for Europe) Chip + U.LP UK
Laird RM191-SM nRF51822 LoRa (915MHz LoRa for US/Canada) Chip + U.LP UK
mc Things mcMod320 nRF52832 SIGFOX, GNSS (3 axis acc, temp) No Canada


2 - Network/Connectivity Modules

This is maybe what you would think of as a traditional RF modules. These modules act as pure modems handling the wireless communcation and offer your application control and communication through a pre defined serial interface. These modules add a wireless interface for your new or existing application, but will require you to include module specific SW libraries to your code base.

nRF8001 Modules

Supplier Part # GPIO Size Antenna Country of origin
Insight SiP ISP091201 n/a 12x8x1.5mm Yes France
Li Seng Tech Ltd LSN8001 n/a 23x33x1.8mm Yes China
Li Seng Tech Ltd LSN8003 n/A 15x22x1.8mm Yes China