nRF24LE1 Development Kit

nRFgo Development Kit for nRF24LE1 Flash/OTP


When used in conjunction with the nRFgo Starter Kit, the nRF24LE1 Development Kit enables engineers to do evaluation, quick application prototyping, and firmware development with the nRF24LE1 2.4GHz RF System-on-Chip (SoC).

The nRF24LE1 Development Kit includes nRF24LE1 nRFgo radio modules that integrate all required external circuitry, including antenna match, 16MHz crystal, and 32kHz crystal. When plugged into the nRFgo Motherboard, the chip I/O pins are easily accessible via the I/O port headers on the Motherboard.


  • nRFgo-compatible evaluation, prototyping, and firmware development solution for nRF24LE1 Flash/OTP variants
  • Compact nRF24LE1 nRFgo radio modules with PCB antennas
  • Compact nRF24LE1 nRFgo radio modules with SMA connector for use with external antennas or a closed loop set-up
  • Easy access to generic I/O pins with nRFgo Motherboard I/O port headers
  • Support for the nRFprobe hardware debug solution for Keil μVision IDE


  • 2x nRF24LE1 nRFgo radio modules with PCB antenna
  • 1x nRF24LE1 nRFgo radio module with SMA connector
  • 5x nRF24LE1 samples
  • Getting Started Guide

Supported products/complementary

Product Brief description
nRFgo Starter Kit Common development platform for Nordic’s wireless ICs
nRFgo SDK Software development kit for nRF24L Series 2.4GHz SoCs
nRFgo Studio PC application for configuring and evaluating Nordic nRF24L Series SoCs
nRF24LE1 Programming Kit Flash/OTP programming nRFgo add-on including socket for programming un-mounted nRF24LE1 Flash/OTP ICs


Ordering codes

Code Description
nRF24LE1-F16Q24-DK nRFgo Development Kit for 4 x 4mm 24-pin QFN nRF24LE1 Flash/OTP variant
nRF24LE1-F16Q32-DK nRFgo Development Kit for 5 x 5mm 32-pin QFN nRF24LE1 Flash/OTP variant
nRF24LE1-F16Q48-DK nRFgo Development Kit for 7 x 7mm 48-pin QFN nRF24LE1 Flash/OTP variant



Product Specification

Code Name Version
PAN-012 nRF2722_nRF2723_PAN-012


PC software
To aid your product development, Nordic also offers a range of tools enabling you to interact with and monitor your product


Code Name Version
nRFgo Studio-Win32 Software tool for nRFgo Starter Kit and Development Kits for 32-bit (x86) Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 1.21.2
nRFgo Studio-Win64 Software tool for nRFgo Starter Kit and Development Kits for 64-bit (x64) Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 1.21.2
nRFgo-SDK nRFgo Software Development Kit. Contains hardware abstractions, firmware examples, and protocols for Nordic nRF24LE1 and nRF24LU1+ 2.3.0
nRFProbe nRFProbe is a Flash and debugging tool that integrates with Keil µVision IDE

Reference Layout

Code Name Version
nRF24LE1-F16Q24-DK-HW nRF24LE1 24-pin Development Kit, Hardware Files 2.0
nRF24LE1-F16Q32-DK-HW nRF24LE1 32-pin Development Kit, Hardware Files 2.2
nRF24LE1-F16Q48-DK-HW nRF24LE1 48-pin Development Kit, Hardware Files 2.2

User Guides

Code Name Version
nRF24LE1-DK-GS nRF24LE1 Development Kit Getting Started 1.1
nRF24LE1-DK-UG nRF24LE1 Development Kit User Guide 1.1

Application Notes

Code Name Version
nAN-15 Creating Applications with the Keil C51 C Compiler 1.1

White Papers

Code Name Version
nWP-006 nRF Performance Test Guidelines 1.0