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Company & General

About Nordic Semiconductor
What is ULP wireless connectivity?


Technology – Proprietary

Summary: About Nordic 2.4GHz ULP wireless connectivity
Technical Backgrounder: ULP wireless connectivity
Technical Note: RF remote control as a replacement for IR remote control
Technical Note: Avoiding interference between 2.4GHz PC peripherals on the wireless desktop
White Paper: Easing the challenge of RF design
FAQs: nRF24L Series proprietary transceivers


Technology - ANT

Summary: About Nordic ANT wireless connectivity
Technical Backgrounder: nRF24AP2 Series ULP transceivers with ANT network protocol


Technology – Bluetooth low energy

Summary: About Bluetooth low energy wireless technology
Technical Backgrounder: Bluetooth low energy wireless technology
White Paper: Getting started with Bluetooth low energy
FAQs: Bluetooth low energy wireless technology



About RF remote control


Products – Proprietary (2.4GHz / sub-1GHz)

About nRF52840

About nRF52832

About nRF51 Series
About nRF51822

About nRF24LE1™
About nRF24LE1™ OTP
About nRF24LU1+™
About nRF24LU1+™ OTP
About nRF24L01+™

About nRF24Z1™
About nRF2460™

About nRF905™
About nRF9E5™
About nRF24E1™
About nRF2402™
About nRF2401A™

About nRF24LU1™
About nRF24L01™


Products – ANT ULP Wireless (2.4GHz)

About nRF51 Series
About nRF51422
About nRF24AP2-USB
About nRF24AP2™ (8-channel)
About nRF24AP2™ (1-channel)
About nRF24AP1™


Products – Bluetooth low energy (2.4GHz)

About nRF51 Series
About nRF51822
About µBlue
About nRF8001
About nRF8002


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