Nordic Tech Tour

We are continuing our Nordic Tech Tour - Sign up for our seminar and learn from Nordic FAE and R&D Personnel.


We are having a new round of Nordic Tech Tour seminars based on the nRF52 Series materials from the successful Global Tech Tour in 2015.


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When Where Venue
Nov. 16th 9:00-17:00* Auckland, New Zealand Hilton Auckland
Nov. 22nd 9:00-17:00* Melbourne, Australia Westin Melbourne
Nov. 24th 9:00-17:00* Sydney, Australia Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour

* Lunch and refreshments will be provided


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This is an opportunity for embedded application development engineers to meet the nRF52 Series experts in person. They will help you kickstart your next Bluetooth® low energy or ANT application development. Each seminar features a detailed walk-through of the nRF52 Series SoC and a full afternoon of software examples taken straight from the nRF52 SDK. All examples will be based upon the nRF52 Series Development Kit.

Upon completion of the day, you will be familiar with the workings of the exciting new nRF52 Series SoCs and be ready to start developing applications.


Tentative Topics to be covered:

  • Introduction to nRF52 Series
  • Radio and Layout
  • Power management
  • Softdevices
  • SDK
  • PPI and GPIOTE; Demo use of the PPI and GPIOTE and EasyDMA
  • The nRF52 flavour of standard peripherals like: Timers, RTCs, TWIs, SPIs, ADC and how to use them efficiently in low power designs
  • Advanced peripherals for Audio and control: I2S, PDM and PWM
  • Near Field Communication, NFC, and how it can ease secure pairing and commissioning in wireless system
  • Breakdown of a full Bluetooth low energy application built using the S132 SoftDevice, SDK example code and snippets from the code examples covered so far. This will be demonstrated with mobile apps and PC tools for solution testing and development
  • Solutions to support the growing IoT market
  • Wrap up with Q&A